The miracle of life.......

My son

like a little bird fallen from it`s nest
I`ll lightly rub his back
and hold him to my chest

small and fragile
I`ll teach him all the ways
to enjoy life
taste the fruits
and play happily throghout the days

and though I know
someday he`ll grow
to old to play with dad
he will always remember
his younger days
and all the fun we had

Poetry by pettyodd
Read 752 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 22:09

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Amanda K
how sweet and gentle are the thoughts here and the feeling behind. bookmarked of course.

This beauuutiful poem totally gave me goosepimples.. It feels like u've been as gentle, putting these words together, as the care for your son.. really moving!
I hope I will have the chance to write something like this, someday... :)

How old is he now?

beautiful. the relationship depicted is quite emotional. i'm still a kid myself, so can't say anything more. but it must be really beautiful to see thy children grow.

i could feel the love of yours 4 your son show this poem to him and im sure he'll love u more than he did before!
An excellent text full of love!!!

One day, I too shall have my own son -
this has inspired me.... thanks