A losers lonely musings.


Like a lily flower embowered in a bunch of golden hay,
Into my tranquility she hovered with a countenance so gay,
Like a pebble sinking in the sea, embedding it's bed,
She had sunk herself into me engulfed and lead.

Like the morning streak of light casting it's magic spell,
My heart and soul she dwelt, rechristening every cell,
Like the fragrance of a nectar cup, superfluous and intoxicating,
She numbed my knotted veins, mutilating each cord and string.

Like a nightingale betrayed by its enchanting musical mirth,
Jubilance and joy she spelt enlivening my very birth.
Like a mystics aim for nirvana, a solace for his earthly sins,
She is my goal and soul, but alas I lose fate wins.

Like a mirage in the desert sands manifolding in view,
A vision beguiling me transformed into colourless dew.

Poetry by Raju Swamy
Read 716 times
Written on 2006-08-02 at 10:18

Tags Dreams 

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Wonderful...soft and sublime... Welcome to the bay, sir!

Expressive, flowing, and beautiful..