I am sorry to say that this poem is a re-post at this site.

Ain't It Dread, Dear?

"Why should I blame her that she filled my days
With misery," – W. B. Yeats


Yes, when most things turn to chaos,
my head doesn't work at all. No,
I am not here to write verses in praise
of love or something like it, for I know

it is not all there is in life
where other things make us derailed;
yet no one ever wants to miss its bliss
even when it turns into bitterness.

So, as I remember despite its trials
our rickshaw ride at night, I feel I am
the lover the strange optimist who starred
in Browning's 'The Last Ride Together'.


Yes, I am sick and tired of the old
clichés that everything's flimsy
like sand-castles kids build on the beach,
nothing's solid as rocks of the Gibraltar

and so futile is much of my wisdom
that comes from my living with reasons;
for this time I have traveled so far
alone into love's jungle, with no care

for logic's supremacy or intellect's,
after so many years of pleasure in the flesh
and the relief of tensions. How so quick
reason's mountains of ice melt

in love's heat like summer's! Now
I'm afraid she will spread her wings
and fly to some other nest and never return
to call, ' Wake up, Sleeping Beauty'.

KJC's comments:

This is really nice and I love these quotes, " I'm afraid you will spread your wings and fly to some other nest and never return to call, ' Wake up, Sleeping Beauty'. " I also like the fact that you called yourself an optimist you would have to be one in this poem. This is really well done and a very good piece of poetry, very well done indeed, I really like this alot. :)))
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by: KJC 2006-07-24

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 1012 times
Written on 2006-08-02 at 18:03

Tags Anxiety 

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Amanda K
Dunoo. This is great yet i can't get it all. There r images and metaphores beautifully and talently put 2gether but maybe i missed something. Well-done.

love this poem
the way you express every word

beautiful write... wonder how I missed this before!