In 1991 a a calamity struck my country i.e. India. There was a severe Hindu -Muslim communal carnage on the babri masjid issue. I was very much aggreieved by the turn of events & at that time I wrote these verses.

Hey Ram

Hey Ram , we are wresting back your birthplace,
Let a thousand heads roll or the saryu flow red,
Or let all the rivers from the saryu to sabarmati turn red,
Hey Ram we shall wrest back your birthplace.

We shall claim Ayodhya more sacred to us than Mecca,
For it had an abode built for you by some body called Babur.
Every kafir we shall burn until we rebuild your abode
On the land where stood the Masjid built for you, Rahim.

Hey Ram, did I hear you cry ! The rains that poured were your tears ?
No Ram that cannot be, for this blood letting is for your sake.
Hey or is It Rahim who cried ! Did the earth shake when your heart broke,
No Lord we burnt those kafirs for your sake, they tried to take away your abode.

Ram wrung his hands in disgust, 'Oh how foolish are you all,
I was born where Rahim was, Be it a Masjid or a Mandir,
We both live there, Ram's reham is Rahim & Rahim's reham is Ram,
Stop my men, don't let innocents die, for I live everywhere'.

Rahim shed a lot of tears, unable to comprehend the logic of his men,
Claiming his abode from the very place where he was born
'Rahim is Ram & Masjid is the name given by you, not me,
Stop oh foolish men, don't bleed my men to death for I live in all of them'.

Poetry by Raju Swamy
Read 687 times
Written on 2006-08-05 at 15:58

Tags Tragedy 

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