The Twins' Symphony

1. In Love with a Gorgon

At the time of the sun's spitting saffron out in the sky,
my life turned into a dazzling Gorgon and smiled.

The Gorgon with her snaky hair and tempting eyes
that I didn't know, turned a lot of things into stone.

Her smile drove me unwilling to suffer an eclipse,
frantic to climb the ladder of paramount ecstasy.

Prying into the tangles of love, I shrugged off
the unburdening of things we carry to the end.

Her smile seemed like music of pebbles in a stream.
I didn't know only monsters thrive under her spell.

She stared me out of countenance and I am stone.
My moss-green figure only a twister can shatter.

Now regrets grow like shrubs in the rain forest;
I can't have them all eaten by the worms of Time.

2. The House of Rumours
(for Monira Qais)

I have slipped straight from my mother's womb
into this house where rumours breed like spawn;

and the grown-ups grin as I stand like a torso;
my eyes blink at the dazzle of the carnival lights;

I wonder how lords of life avow me an insane;
like a trapped mouse, I stiffen with starlit fear.

Grappling with a lot of traumatic rumours at home,
I come of age and slump as columns in the quake.

In all my autumns when the sky fell dripping blue,
I didn't see ripples of rapture on pools ever spread,

suffered year after year a burn in the flames of fire,
long tortured by fabrications and lack of tears.

My life tells of the slow burn in the snaky flames;
and there's my body fills with blisters of grief.

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 586 times
Written on 2005-09-04 at 10:02

Tags Grief 

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
to be reflecting on one's life, stone became the life. stuck forever in the confines of one second. regrets are shivers that roam the freedom of the wind.