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"be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."
- Horace Mann

I am sorry Agent Mulder and Scully

I am sorry Agent Mulder and Scully. ..

The truth is not out there.

It's inside me.

~¤~I am~¤~
(¤)My universe(¤)

The divine

connects the macrocosmos
(an impartial field)
and the microcosmos
(my body).

The microcosmos is
within the macrocosmos.

I am My universe.

Everything outside my universe
is an alien.

Aliens I meet every day.

My eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Ultimately they are
dual mirrors of the Divine.

My third eye the link to the truth.

The truth is what
the observer can not see
with his bare eye.

What you see
is the manifestation
of what already exists in you.

The reflection of your eyes
The reflection of your heart,
will show you the way
to the ultimate truth.

You hold the answers to the x- files

The truth is in you;
Thee who seek shall find.

Zero density,
beginnings and endings
in point zero.

running to stand still;
tachyon particles,
the never ending process;
reversing the aging process.

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-08-30 at 15:31

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Growing younger. It is my hope and my intention. Easier said than done. But what is the alternative?

Thank you!

Sandy Hiss
Wow, this one definitely had me in awe. I used to watch the x-files every week, thought it was a great show. This poem made me smile.

Emelén The PoetBay support member heart!
yes indeed but in the meantime lets continue wasting our time in the highlands of stupidity , no place for us yet .
Cool text. It stands out without question . I enjoyed every part of it.

By the way I forgot to mention..
Without Question this makes a Fav

Rate: 10

FYI Had to be more than just a five, it's a 15.

Thanx for the READ

You are certainly an intellect.
I definitely enjoy this read.

Thought Provoking indeed, your ability to make others think, whether it's self reflection or just trying to get an overall thought about what you're saying is astounding.

I Love this Piece!!!!

Interesting, very interesting