A Hospital Story

She took a large sheet of white paper and on this

she made the world a hospital with rows of beds

and corridors and she painted two nurses running

between the patients and a doctor in a floppy white coat

walking with a stethoscope that looked like a gun

towards a child with a monkey toy and to fill in the gaps,

a mother holding a baby. She worked all day,

went to MacDonalds with her Gran, this was Saturday,

on Sunday she put in more beds in the hospital and a fat man

in a wheelchair next to a great big guide dog and a woman

with a white stick. In the open window she drew a blue sky

with a green-feathered pigeon, made a smudge on the wings

and drowned the blue flowers on the table with the rest of the green.

She put Grandma and Granddad on chairs by the table and roses

on the bed of her mother, even Barney the cat by her feet,

and in the left corner smiling Paul the postman on his bicycle

that would squeak, when he put the brakes on and the kind police woman

in the top right corner, who gave her a sweet, when she asked

what daddy had done to mummy after he shot her

and what did he do with the gun and then she took the bus with Granddad

to the police station to hand it in and the policeman at the desk said:

thank you, Gemma. That looks very pretty.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 444 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 20:36

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Amanda K
A Wld imagination you've got. well-done.