A year flown out

Do you not sense the autumn wind that falls
across your grave in sighs, bereft of breath,
to mourn a second time your death? Will
winter's freeze break up my frozen heart

to smithereens with its sharp biting chill?
Or still, when winter finally is strangling earth,
frost-bitten in a rage that knows no ease,
then should I hold my breath to be like you?

Would I then gasp and choke, my lungs
imbued with April rains, my grief iced up,
and only thawed by tears that stain my face
accrued upon your grave in liquid pain?

I plant forget-me-nots and lilies-of the valley,
and think of spring's reviving strength, it's here,
yet I can see no blooms at all, your face
in bloom, as earlier, haunts everywhere.

Summer has come and gone, the sun too faint
to penetrate the sorrow, light the haze
in which I live as if there's no tomorrow,
one day indifferent from the next, a cloud that stays.

Autumn is back. A year flown out. The crimson leaves
bedeck your bed as trails of blood on ashen soil,
the turmoil of last year, no less, as when
I first stood here, embroiled, to say good bye..

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 528 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 20:38

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J. E.
I enjoyed reading this.