Love is so imoirtant that when you find yourself in it, something good flows from you.

My Sweet Soulmate

I've watched your foot-steps,
sleeky meander that cools my heart
over several moons

I've savoured your beauty,
elegance clothed in finesse
these long harmless years

I've sat alone
in the pit of thoughts
probed the elation
that encompass us
each time we warmly embrace.

I've held your tenderly,
kissed you passionately,
passion that climbs like
tendrils linning a tree

I've mumbled affectionate words
into your lovely ears
your lovesome ears that
absolve my poetic drumbeats

The aroma of your love
a whiff that makes heady
it dazzles like early morning sunshine
my sweet soulmate...

Emeka Chike nwogu

Poetry by Emeka Chike Nwogu
Read 757 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 17:10

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Michael G
a very good peice indeed!

Breath of fresh air... I feel good after this. I drink deep at the well of your sunshine...

ah, now there's some sunshine... :))) this is a beautiful piece... makes me think of all the good stuff... :)))

Amanda K
I'm lucky since am gonna be the first one commenting on such a great poem . Excellent !!as i was reading i paused and felt the beauty of words. Wanna refer to the presentation of this poem the word imoirtant did u mean important?