Just a state of the mind

Twilight Zone

My strength failing
I clutch for support as I sink through the emptiness of air
Floor's indifference takes my fall and offers me pain
My breath escapes like a cat fleeing a burning building

In my skull, silence explodes!
I strain my ear to pick up the sound of concern
But activity has no time for me

I seek a voice to state my case
But my vocal chord strangles my cause

All these gets filed away in my memory
Which is already an overflowing archive of pain and hurt

I lie befuddled as everyone walks and talks
My prostrate form becoming a pipe through which resentment and bitterness course
I grumble that my life is a sweaty and screaming nightmare

Light fades as my thoughts take a walk on the shadowed track of despair
I lose my footing...on reason...on joy
Depression ambushes and coshes my head
I fall unconscious: coldness and numbness blanketing me
Happiness is not cold enough to revive me

I wake up later and unwind memories reel
I make a movie screen out of air
It ripples with images of the past
And reflects grotesque shadows of the future

My vision is so clouded
It's rainy season in my head
To control the flood, I grab a pen and write
Punctuating each line with a sigh

My bones are rickety furniture
They bear my weight with complaining creaks

In a crowded world
I manage to feel alone
Caged by fears, released by tears

I muse that if it was up to me, I wouldn't live
I would decide that it was easier to just leave

There are those who have it better
And those who have it worse
Neither better nor worse
I stand in twilight zone

Poetry by Alfred Iwerebor
Read 582 times
Written on 2006-09-11 at 21:37

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betsy Firefly
Sometimes, we all would find it easier to leave than stay. But courage! Take heart! As we take the first get-up, struggling step we move forward again and then - miracles begin to happen!