Before and After

(for Rubaida Akhter)


1999. The Padma sliding by Rajshahi,
some space of silt like some leviathan's back,
over there the mica eager for pranks -
glittering like stars in the autumn sky;

at twilight the scene of saffron on the blue,
kids and couples found courteous for chit-chat.
Strange that I gibbered and found high chances
to relapse into grief too cruel to tolerate:

the lubberly profanity for a sort of hell,
the running away from study like a truant's,
the academic failure at the University,
the continuous scolding from my parents,

the heavy tidings of despair from all sides,
the silent crying in nakedness in my bathroom,
the living together with nightmares,
the urge to dive into the pool of oblivion.

Ah! my head of black wires was anchored
like a ship freighted with goods at Chittagong
and bitter thoughts infiltrated into it were
as heavy sacks of imported wheat.


2004. Now I have finished my running back
over the grievous past with intent to designate.
I fill my life's lexicon with experiences -
the past brings no good for the future.

I stick to all the mizzled protocols in life,
just to make the best of my way home;
gentler than before to thank all helpmates
who lent me handkerchiefs to dry tears.

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 644 times
Written on 2005-09-15 at 10:52

Tags Hope 

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Very good--I enjoyed this one a lot.