Silence is the sapience
Dower by divine, the higher power;
To save the soul from all foul.


Silence is the penance,

Full of vibration;

Giving the hope to living,

Maintain it as a curtain;

To avoid those delusion.

Gos Bless you, with the silence.

The silence of mine is sweet,

And not to hurt, but to heal others and to greet;

Where there is an abyss love, flowing and singing,

Thine eternal way of silence prelude and praising.

Copyright @ 2006 N.KARTHIKEYAN OSHO


Poetry by Nagamuthu Osho
Read 658 times
Written on 2006-09-13 at 07:44

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Amanda K
well-done, sweet friend. really enjoyed it.

Leif H T Strand
Yes. The flow in this poem is simular to a priest preaching.
Throwing out words in a cascade of believe.

Very good indeed!

Amanda K
I loved your flow of words.

Keep it up,
Amanda K