sometimes, i just can't get hungry..

appetite for heavy portions of nothing

her body is an empty vessel,

a soft human fabrication,
coated with
silken bones.

ribs protuding,
blushing shyly as they
expose themselves
very lightly
(in fear of mockery.)

she wears pain
on her sleeve,

(oh, there must be a way
to become weightless
instead of senseless.)

familiar feelings ebbing
twisting the stomach.
hunger or isolation?

the world pauses for a brief moment,
as she links her fingers together
remembering that which
never happened
at all.

she licks her wrists
and bites her skin
in rememberance of him.

Poetry by anguisette
Read 862 times
Written on 2006-09-16 at 16:36

Tags Anorexia  Longing  Love 

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