a poem using tanka structure


Journeying with no sense
of direction, and no control
over destiny
or destination I can't
take pride in flickers or

flashes on their face
in the train they come and go with
the same indifference
shadows of distant houses
hills and trees keep passing

Poetry by R.K.Singh
Read 1147 times
Written on 2005-06-07 at 14:32

Tags Anxiety 

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
i really like this, the passing of time and people as you travel along the course - i like the japanese forms of poetry, though i have had many debates with tanks :) so many different people have different ideas on this form. have you tried the choka? it is very similar to haiku/tanka.

Choka, the Japanese long poem. This poem was structured 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5........7-7 onji in line length, and could be of any overall line total; many of which exceeded 100 lines.

i picked that info up somewhere orother online, though i have done some choka none have gone past the 100 line mark :)

A fantastic text! Just how it is, isn't it?