you're too grey and this town has failed

time grabs me by the ankles
and turns my cheek away
from moments like
time twists my soul into distortion
paints my fingernails red
redredwine and
calculators in your eyes
twirls my fingers and whispers
that the trees will die and we
we will laugh at the moon
when there's no more holes
to hide in

i smile and turn to the girl next to me;

good morning miss sally lightfoot
i guess we weren't made for loving

Poetry by summerbreeze
Read 727 times
Written on 2006-10-15 at 17:27

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Mukul Dahal

This I found a wonderful write. Please accept a friendship from Nepal. Well done.

Zachary P. B.
humanity wasn't made for loving...

we kill... and the poets, a different breed, watch in horror...

great write here.

Rob Graber
Wonderfully enigmatic: "Calculators in your eyes" I especially like, and the surprise ending.

Still a wondeful poem for someone that you loved. I liekd it and hey,I havent talked to you in a awhile. : )

~Aaron Rowe