Wrote on the 22nd of sep. 06 when my daughter had come down to my neighbour's place with my grandson. I hid behind my mosquito cover screened window & had a glimpse of him.

Pangs of Separation.

A broken man, I saw my grandson from afar,
Yet so near and yet so far. This bundle of joy,
Was not to be mine, my daughter's whim,
Her fancy, that she's not mine.
Her proclamation that I am not her Dad.
Did me in, for all the hopes that I had cherished.

Her mother had said 'He's not your father'.
And that was gospel to her foolish mind.
Now shattered I stand, manipulated & torn,
Revengeful wrath of a woman spurned.
That bundle of joy was not to be mine
From afar I saw my flesh and blood.

Tears rolling down, me hiding back,
Just for a glimpse of my little one,
My eyes rove all over, seeking him
As he trots over to the waiting car
Along with his mom & dad
He knows not, but I am seeing him.

He knows not who I am, for he's never seen me,
A six month's babe, I had cuddled him
Now three years old he is walking fast
He looks back at somebody & I get a glimpse
Saddened at my fate, but yet relieved
For I get a glimpse of my bundle of joy.

Poetry by Raju Swamy
Read 818 times
Written on 2006-09-24 at 14:54

Tags Grief 

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Zoya Zaidi
What a heart renching piece.
So real and poignant in its pain.
I felt something clutch my heart,
while I was reading it.
Still got kind of a pain there.
I hope God reconciles you with your daughter soon and your grand son will be in your arms.