Inspired by C.B.Yamba song :) Thank you for the inspiration Chris :) Feel free to visit his website and listen to his songs :) who knows you might get inspired as well :)

Internal war

V~才 Quantum teleportation ~才V

Searching for answers
searching for memories

of a paradise long gone
of tainted dreams

Wandering Through Twilight
into Velvet Darkness

what kan keep me
away from insanity?

- My search...

Conflicting emotions
heavenly notions

I will keep searching
lost in the darkness

Everything is there
all the answers and memories

- Who am I?

creating a sembalance of justice
Angels of mercy light up my path

The optimistic truth lies between
darkness and light

Heaven and Hell
a conjunction of abnormality

Planet earth
synthesis and integration
of Heaven and Hell

Who will fight and win
the never ending struggle?

Would it be me?

A never ending evolution
of a shattered mind

Is the beginning of Time a spooky action at a distance?
Is everything a quantum entanglement?
Is planet earth an entanglement witness?
Is Reality and completeness an EPR paradox?

V~才 Quantum teleportation ~才V

IV ~才 The mind returns to Theself ~才 IV

- Is the ultimate purpose the expansion of intelligence?

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-10-22 at 18:53

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The answers were always there,it's just the words that get in the way. A great and masterful piece!!! I missed you!!!

Alot of cool thoughts here. I especially digged the line "Planet earth synthesis and integration of Heaven and Hell".
Thanx for noticing my music. The version of Internal War without guitar is more close ... It can be found here

and ofcourse everywhere around u... Oh sorry that's external wars ...

Phyllis J. Rhodes
The questions. The dizzying, swirling whirlpool of questions, no matter which way you turn or where you look or how you look at it, the world and the world outside the world gives you questions. But what of the answers? I love this piece. It is so relatable. I've been in the midst of all that I see in reading this quandry of queries. Of all the answers of sought. The whys are the most uncapturable. But I do know for certain I have one true answer-There is a God. There is one true, real God. It's a good place to start.