The first part of a four part poem. The rest of this poem is available on my website - if you are interested in reading the whole thing.

A Traveller's Tale (Part I)

There stood a vast and dreary cliff
Aside a swelling sea
Where unchecked clouds, the sun denied
And choked it in their lea.

The fields upon th'unsightly shore
Were sick with withered heath
And raking, ghostly, howling wind
Cut hard with bitter teeth.

Upon that empty, lifeless scene
Painted in tones of grey;
There sat a sorely visaged boy
Who dreamed himself away

He dreamed himself so far away
On placid azure seas
Where silky strips of white-washed sand
Lead down to emerald trees

He dreamed he'd sample treasured joys
Of spices sour and sweet
He dreamed he'd swim in corralled waves
With urchins from the deep.

Then as the dusky, dirty day
Sighed out its final sound
Reluctantly his dreams expired
And floated to the ground.

But just before the rampant dark
Began its vict'ry dance
There emerged upon the horizon
A flashing, lightning lance.

Which wielded by a white-robed man
Unleashed a sparkling shower
That arching, circling in the air
Announced the herald's hour.

As the bedazzled boy arose
To greet the magic show
Darting sparks glanced off his face
Pitching high and low.

The messenger approached the lad
Taking his trembling hand
When a blinding flash shook the sky
Which fast obscured the land.

Without a word the ancient sage
Softly raised his arm
The lights stood still, the sparks recoiled
Gazing far off in calm.

"Tonight the dreams that coursed your mind
Have fallen to the ground
Where mingling gently with the earth
There magic sparks have found.

Which laying there in dusted state
Had fallen from my cloak
Have conjured up your dying dreams
And chartered them a boat.

That soon will take you out of here
To far and distant shores
Where seasons pass on gentle breeze
Where mighty eagles soar."

No sooner had he spoken thus
There came another light
And with a final nodded head
He vanished out of sight.

As the boy fell to the ground
The magic dust turned dull,
His falling eyes looked out to sea
And spied a shimmering hull.

For floating on the cresting waves
With sparkling sail of white
A shining vessel rose and fell
A diamond in the night.

Poetry by Steve Hagget
Read 1095 times
Written on 2006-10-06 at 11:20

Tags Travel  Dreams  Journies 

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An Intriguing tale steve, on to part two. Glad to see you here. smiling at you, Tai