© Erik Brickman 2005

I tear you out of my arms

I tear you out of my arms
with the hate-filled longing
that lives in my soul

Of revolting nausea
I take you from my embrace
stretching my hands towards you

From the welcoming look in my eyes
I turn my face away in the time of disgust
when none but you should be with me

Rejected, refused into emptiness
given the last silence of Love

Do not come near me - come ever so close
away from the heat that feels your absence
away from the life that beats in my life
with the pulse that is yours

At that time I deprive you
of your right to my warmth

I force your withdrawing embrace
into my dissociation

Firmly held are you,
from me.

Poetry by Erik Brickman
Read 953 times
Written on 2005-09-29 at 12:50

Tags Sadness 

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Wow--very emotional and touching.

Jonathan Celestin
that was very good

Odi et amo... Wonderfully expressed.

John Ashleigh
I can feel two opinions and two sides of the message. I can't explain it but I deffinetly like this poem, and it tells me a little about what you feel aswell. Keep the writing up, deffinetly.