A selection from my book. i dedicate this one to my aunt kathy because this poem is very random and funny.....just like aunt kahkie.

Peanut Butter Pickles

Peanut butter pickels,
Peanut butter piclels,
I paid a nicke,
for my peanut butter pickel.
Peanut butter pickels,
Peanut butter pickels,
Sarah's peanut butter pickel,
makes her squiggle.
My peanut butter pickle,
makes me giggle.
Peanut butter pickles,
Peanut butter pickles,
Oh how i love
My peanut butter pickle.

Poetry by Valerie
Read 883 times
Written on 2006-10-20 at 04:11

Tags Pickles  Humor  Food 

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Jessica Rexroat
My dear, you are funny and I have seen that random aspect of you it shows up day and day again and I love it

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You are a peanut butter pickle!

Kathy Lockhart
I love it! Sort a Random and Funny just like my great-neice. : ) kack