The loneliness is setting in
The light in my heart is growing thin
The thought of some one being there
Has often brought me great despair.
There has never been a person to fall back to
My life should not have to be so blue
If anyone could have made me better
It would have come from the letter.

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 514 times
Written on 2005-09-30 at 15:21

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quite good it makes an impact but the end still needs attention stick with it.

Commentally Ill
which letter?

a? b? c? d? e? f?

John Ashleigh
I love the message you are portraying, but I think that the last sentance doesn't mix aswell as the rest. I think the last line could be better. I enjoyed it, though.

Short, but nice. Few words that tells so much. Very good!