5 Sesnses

When I hear our song,
I want to break down and cry.
When I hear your name,
My knees begin to tremble.
When I hear the words 'You and I',
I can't go on to hear the rest.

When I see you,
My mind wants to black out.
When I see pictures of what was then,
I go into denial.
When I see you and her together,
I drop to my knees inside.

When I say you name,
I stutter.
When I want to say 'us',
I have to stop mid-sentence.
When I say her name,
I want to pull her hair out.

When I hear the words you and I,
When I see you and her,
When I say your name,
I begin to wish we never were.

Poetry by Valerie
Read 1533 times
Written on 2006-10-28 at 05:42

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Valerie, this is very thought provoking and I will be writing a answer piece to this very poem. So look for it. :)

~Aaron Rowe