appraisal of one's imperial

*Dear Maxmado*

*Dear Maxmado*

I know that u r someone special
with lots of seeds
to make a peacefil imperial
everyone will make a bid

A young seed will have a funny sweetheart
with someone special in your heart
Don't give up to the end of glory
dismish the unvaluable worry

Dear Maxmado
I really love ur" SO, I LOVE POETRY MORE THAN YOU"
Yes, poetry is ours to share
to find the eternal peace

I am sorry that I cannot reply directly
since in my office are lots of people
I cannot concetrate to explore words
so I print out all the interesting poems
then, I start writing in the silent night
Poor me, I cannot surfing the poetry at night
but thanks God I still have the chance
to find u to seize the day
"Let share the world of wit into beautiful words"

I have lost my poet friend once
Now I've find u, I hope it will be loyal.
As loyal as poetry, as what Coolaaroon 88 said"FOREVER TRUSTING AND FOREVER TRUE"

Poetry by syarifah nur
Read 1302 times
Written on 2006-11-01 at 06:43

Tags Joy 

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True frienship lasts 4ever
Lovelly write

Loyal shall i be
Tears i will wipe
Bringing only glee
Now your my friend
An angel guarding over me
This is a vow i now take
For that i will never break
Untill my life comes to an end