How will our mood be good
When we have no good food

We have no jobs
So we sleep like mobs

They say we are lazy
And we give up easily

Some of us then turn to touts and criminals
Our pupils, we send to streets and terminals

Some bring us token
But the law they've all broken

Most of us struggle hard
Sunshine or raining we work like mad

Though we laugh more than cry
Support them and the country

We ask, God why this big gap and unfairness?
But Mosques churches and shrines we go to ask for forgiveness

Country of ours we vote to suffer
Country of theirs to oppress with tender

They bribe traitors vaillians and we are in discord
If not revolution will have taken place in accord

One day e go better is our motto
The words we heard were on our forefathers grottos.

Poetry by kid
Read 770 times
Written on 2006-11-02 at 13:09

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Wonderful... This is such a great poem. I can feel the pain in your words. You have put a vivid image in my head. Our world is not perfect it is far from it, and it seems with some issues people want to just go back to their lives and forget they heard any bad things in the world. Its really a shame.
Thanks for sharing.
Gotta BOOK MARK this one
Great write, wonderful

This text tells it as the fact that it is ... our world is not the place we would like it to be ... and I can understand ... as best I can .... that this is such a terrible and heartbreaking situation to be part of...

I do not really know what to say ... more than I feel the pain in your words ...
and I wish we in this one and only world we have ..we will be able to stop all the terrible pain people are suffering innocently ..

best wishes kath

Amanda K
bittter is the fact when all doors seems locked. you did picture the pain here vividly.well-penned.

good to hear from you again, this is as poignant and true there as it is here excellent work!!!!

keith nunes
strong words and a tough life - speak out brother you have a safe place here