Standing at the Terminus

At the last meeting of ours, I squeeze your hand,
remembering all the pleasures we proved with kisses
and the sheer orgy in those colder cabin nights -
a perfect chemistry we made of love and sweat.

It all changed when we ended up an indifferent couple.
I remember all the pretty glimmers when I know
the sunset brings memories of light - a promise
of loneliness and of my grief's frenzy in the dark.

Was that ever needed for us, the singling out
of a verse we later wrote with our mutual doubts
in a dark tunnel where no greenery came as sparks?
Coming out we trembled at every step we took.

Yes, I am here to pretend - kind of saying Goodbye
and look at your lips telling of a love denied.
Ever lonelier at the terminus, I stand - watching
vehicles go like you to a destination far away

and make me feel like the one everybody's to leave.
Yes, between every starting and the end, I confess
I might have been the verb of each and every folly
but I ain't ever that shrewd of a cool womanizer.

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 984 times
Written on 2006-11-05 at 16:03

Tags Anxiety 

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James Barratt
A beautiful poem. Such tender choice of words and unrelenting rhythm.