Let it Burn

This flame is burning.
I hug it close to my bosom.
It flashes in my eyes.
Its iridescent light adorning the planet.
The flame filled the eyes of my grandpa,
and the eyes of his grandpa.
The flame's beauty peeped through
my grandma's eyes,
and her grandma's eyes too.
I love to feel it
and so do you.

Let it burn.

I love to feel its warmth.
I love to gaze at its sway
in the bustling crowd of dreams,
surging waves of emotion,
shuffling feet of ambition,
flowing melody of love.

This flame is burning.
Let it burn.

Its balmy fingers
running across my brow.
Its soft murmur
caressing my ears.
Its fragrance pervading
my imagination.

The fragrance reaches you through
the dying din at the bazaar at dusk,
through the village mother on her way home
with a sheath of grass atop her head,
through the fierce evening chirp of birds
in the bamboo grove,
through rustle of waters
in the brook hastening downhill,
and through the blue mystery housed in the sky.

It burns the night through.
Outshines the sunbeams during the day
burning amidst the drone of hunger
and amidst the chiming sadnesses.
Burning amidst the flitting joys
and amidst glimmering hopes.

You gaze at its youthful face
on the emerald meadows.
Its petite built
in the bloom of the rhododendron.

Oh, how ecstatic.
You hold it burning
in your blood cells.
I hold it in mine.

This flame is burning.
Let it burn.

copyright Mukul Dahal 2006

Poetry by Mukul Dahal
Read 426 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 00:59

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Absolutely splendid! I felt burning myself while reading it...

Wow. I really enjoyed this.