This is a song/poem I wrote to all parents who hurts their kids physical and/or mental. I have too many friends who do/have experienced this. it's written like, from the kid(in this the daughter)to the persons parent(s).


What's wrong dear,
do you feel something like fear?
Welcome to my world you asshole,
every hit took a piece of my soul.
Now I have no soul, no pride no trust left thanks to you,
I'm so fucking sick of you telling me what I can and can't do.
But honey I won't cry another tear,
not for you, so you can pretend to care!
I'll just pretend to be allright,
and only cry alone out of your sight.
So you can sleep better at night,
not to worry about me picking a fight.
I'll just run away,
pretend not to have anything to say.
I won't be your problem anymore,
not your bad ass hard core daughter whore.
Can't stand the pain of walkin' by your side,
as you walk five feet away, showing anything but pride.
I'll just vanish and become air,
will that make you concede fear?

Poetry by Cola666
Read 708 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 19:20

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