it's been snowing inside our heads lately, but we seem to like it so I guess everythings alright

i thought of a million things nobody would say
at night; on porches; under rain
obvious things
clear throats
empty heads

but what disturbed me the most
was how everybody seemed to be waiting
and it's the waiting that kills
you know
it shoots you in the head
before you get the chance
of being eaten
by the children of the pavement
under the stars with their arms
and their faces all
worn down

and at night when i think of words
we could have spoken
just before time shut our mouths
i think of all the mornings

and that only a fool would waste time thinking
of the unspoken things rather than the

Poetry by summerbreeze
Read 654 times
Written on 2006-11-08 at 16:58

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Kathy Lockhart
I am muted and in thought stimulated by this amazing piece of profound poetry. Wonderful word pictures flashed effortlessly across my mind. You are a summerbreeze bringing a delightful poetic voice here to this Bay of Poets.

fan va bra. jättebRA.

"and it's the waiting that kills
you know
it shoots you in the head"

smart. sant.

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh, yes! You are absolutely right! Only a fool but a fool in love! Isn't it lovely to be a fool in love?