Whole past decade was a nightmare in Nepal. Now things have changed. This I captured last year.

War's Footprints

Read the bloody letters of war
on the petals of rhododendron.
Watch the streams of tears
rushing down hill.
The sadness has swollen.
The himalaya is mute,
chewing grief,
looking down at its foot,
gory wound of the killings
stinging its eyes.
A son of the hills has just been shelled,
limbs flying high like
weathered, dry leaves
in the whirlwind.
A cop on duty has been gunned,
fallen flat on a pool of his own blood.
Killed for no reason.
A proclamation in the name of people
is blaring in the radio.
The innocent are
keeping out cold with the quilt of fear.
My country,
please leap forth to wipe
this ugly dance of savagery
off your face.

copyright Mukul Dahal 2006

Poetry by Mukul Dahal
Read 455 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 16:14

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We all know war is not a good thing...and a lot of us had to read those "bloody letters" written by others...and the useless deaths of innnocent people make this all worse...your words describe this pain well to good...

Mukul ....you wrap such words of pain and anquish together in such a stunningly poignant and yes beautiful way....my heart aches for your country. May God continue to grant peace to your land.