The sky frightens with lightning and rain
raises neither fire nor quenches the earth

I've lost a chance to create despite ritual
end of the day and her parting with a kiss:

now sulking with a glass in the dark
it's stupid to talk about nirvana

Poetry by R.K.Singh
Read 597 times
Written on 2005-10-10 at 13:48

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Sofiul Azam
It's really a good poem. These two lines are wonderful: "now sulking with a glass in the dark/it's stupid to talk about nirvana". Indian mysticism and philosophy are hard for people of much Westernised outlooks, but a kind of essential good can be found there. I like all the Sanskrit literature.

These days, I am reading The Gita to understand the Indian psyche which is ours as well, because the partition in 1947 doesn't mean we have become poles apart in thinking. I am really fond of Kalidasa; I hope you would read "Isn't It That Kalidasa's Calligraphy?" One of the reasons why I am asking you to read is that you are living in India and must be someone with sensibilities of the Subcontinent to your credit.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
there will always be other chances to create!

John Ashleigh
Tears can really be pictured being expressed here. Very good.