Once again God claps his hands
And the world reacts in kind
To natures fury, in all Its wrath
To devistate mankind.

Rich or poor, Black or white
Theres no discrimination
Be it fire, flood or famine
In Its wake just devistation

And so once more we start again
A nation to rebuild
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
And mourn the blood thats spilled.

There seems no rhyme or reason
To the suffering and their plight
Or is this just Gods reaction
To tell us, next time get it right!.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 605 times
Written on 2005-10-11 at 11:58

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I like the way God is portrayed here. Lovely. You see, God has to awaken us! He is not here to destroy us or punish us but somehow He has to send us a message. Unfortunately people has to suffer. It is the way we respond to these disasters is what makes us humble and true believers in the faith and grace of God. God Bless you! Thanks for a beautiful and awakening piece.

i find it hard to see God as the one behind it... no, he did not intervene, but he also didn't intervene when we were nailing his son to a wooden post... i think his point would be, no matter his course of action, we will always find fault with him...

sad, life... but blaming it all on God, doesn't really help...

to recover from something as devastating as hurricane or a earth quaike is hard and takes alot of faith.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
natures fury - nature's fury
Its wrath, no capital I unless on its own.
devistate - devastate
why capitilise black and not white?
theres - there's
its again with a capital i
thats spilled - that's spilled
gods reaction - god's reaction
at no full stop needed after an exclamation mark.

the poem itself has a good message but just needs a tidying.