Another song from my band(DollKiss)


As I lay bleeding on the floor,
I hear you screaming from the other side of the door,

You don't apologize,
just come with foolish lies

I'm close to another blackout,
drugs and alcohol don't got any doubts

And this is what I wrote,
on my suicide note:

"I'm gonna kill myself for you,
I can't wait to see what you'll do

My writing's kind of a mess,
but I know neither of us could care any less

I'm sorry about the blood stain, it wont go away,
just like the memory of me"

I know you'll get frightened,
but I kept on writin'.

"I'm the (something)that will hunt you for life,
I'll come after you in with a knife

You can't even hide in your dreams,
we both know what that meens

I'll hunt you for eternety,
I wont ever let you be

I will put you through a hell,
But I know you wont ever tell."

I know it ain't easy to read,
but I wont give in untill you plead.

"Hurt often leads to anger,
and that, in this case leads to danger.

Fading and now disappearing,
Die'ing just because of a fling.

I just misunderstood,
if I could take it all away I would.

You hurt me and I made it all wrong,
and thats how my suicide note became a song."

Poetry by Cola666
Read 749 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 23:50

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
A very provocative story in this poem/song. It's difficult to say it is good (it is actually very good) because of the subject matter and because I pray it isn't autobiographical.