This is written for a friend from Sri Lanka that went to the University here for awhile. She had fun here, but had a deep longing for her home.

For Nadina

She watches as the snow falls down.
She pulls her shaw a bit tighter.
She is at a loss in this foreign land.
She misses the sun, she misses her family.

She clutches her hot tea for warmth, against the coldness..
of reality.

As the snow piles up on the window, she wonders to herself..was there ever a window there at all?

Poetry by Teala
Read 697 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 00:58

Tags Cold 

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Amanda K
nothing better like home. was nice of u to write it.

Zoya Zaidi
I can empathise with you completely, I have been there- in a foreign land, away from home, snow-snowing-you-in- & the home sickness!! I thought, for a moment, I was in Moscow, Siberia rather; and yet it is a warm peace. xxx

Yes homesickness brings a sadness all of its own.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
i think this might work better not having she at the beginning of every line?

shaw - shawl

mmm hot tea, i have some of that right now. never been snowed in, but we don't get snow that strong here.