Just a brave face

I pretend i'm ok, i pretend i dont have time for relationships, i pretend i'm not tired after a days work, i pretend i'm not scared about leaving my family to travel the world and move to another country, i pretend i'm happy all the time.
but if you were me you'd see that it was just a brave face.
i'm not ok, i would love to be in a relationship, i am always tired, i'm so scared about missing my family to move away and travel the world, i'm not happy all the time.
It's just a brave face!

Poetry by princess
Read 671 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 17:46

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Unique write loved it.
I think we all put on a
brave face about something
Excellent Subject


You are far too young to be worrying about such things as travelling away from home just yet princess, you have your whole life to do that, adulthood is both challenging and very frightening, even for adults so don't worry about that either, worry is tiring too, so stop worrying and enjoy your christmas without it. All the time in the world is ahead of you. Good poem, encapsulating what a lot of young people are feeling right now. Smiling at you, Tai

David Hazell
A good write. The first words that come to mind are "get used to it kid" We are compelled to wear a series of masks on this stage world just to survive. It's what is inside that counts.

I like the concept, it reminds me of poetry, but it doesn't look like it, maybe you should capitalize your i(s) and change your format.
I like the concept though.