To look at the stars
Is a wonderful experience
But some day, the stars will fall
I watch them; i know it's the end
One by one memories go past
But they will stop, stop on one memory
Her and I
sitting on the back of the trailer
Holding each other, looking at the stars

It will all crash down,
Except that one memory
Our first memory,
My best memory.

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 555 times
Written on 2005-10-14 at 16:49

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Zoya Zaidi
Yes! Star gazing is a rare phenomenon these days. It is strange how the same stars have different effects on different people; different effect on the same person at different times!(am I making sense?). Read my poem on shooting star and you will know what I mean. lovely piece of poetry. Completely a different perspective. BRAVO!

Sofiul Azam
It's a good poem full of passionate intensity and the implication of their passion turning into memory; and the referrence to stars falling some other day has fit in, for one day this star-gazing will turn into memory as well. Go on writing poems like this one!