ah the days shared between me and my best mate

Peaceful times

The sun is shining so bright,
The water gleams with sparkles.
There is the whisper of the wind,
Rustling through the trees.
It feels so quiet,
So very peaceful.
I feel thoroughly content,
And very relaxed.
I could sit here for hours,
In my little spot.
Just staring at the water,
Rushing down the burn.
My mind peacefully empty,
Nothing cluttered in my mind.
Although there is one more thing,
That makes this so much better.
Having my best friend,
Sitting here beside me.
Our minds are alike,
We share the same peacefulness,
An understanding.
We could sit there,
And not have to speak.
Words spoken,
Sound so quiet.
Laughter shared,
Smiles appreciated.
I'm grateful to have a friend,
To share this with.
I always look forward,
To these special times.
Just thinking about them,
Makes me smile.
Won't be long,
'til the sun shines bright.

Poetry by Hazel
Read 865 times
Written on 2006-12-11 at 22:13

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