I adore being near the ocean..I have only been once--as I live in Indiana. But it was a magical experience. I plan to go back next March for my honeymoon!

The Ocean

I long for the sea to nip at my feet

to wrap me up in it's cool arms

I feel these ancient memories,

tearing at my core

I long to near the water


I long for the place

where the

winds and the tide tear at the shore

but in the twilight of my dreams...

the fire rages on

Poetry by Teala
Read 884 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 00:32

Tags Ocean 

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
oh Teala, this is powerful in its revealing of the longing for change. The ocean certainly does that! Wonderful imagery and then the end.....reality.

This was nice... word by word... and row by row...

John Ashleigh
I really like how you personicate the ocean. Great, keep it up.

Ah, the romance of the sea, from my window i can see it, in all its beauty or its fury, a great place for a honeymoon by the way. Beautifully put.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
long to be near...

i wouldn't mind being near the sea myself, nearest to me is a 45 minute train journey!