A smile can mean so much.

Oh, Woman!

You smile and do not know
that, at the same time,
a flower blooms somewhere.
You walk and do not turn back,
and, in your honour,
blossom falls like snow.

You carry joy in your soul,
and passion in your body,
and the child - the sense
the humankind is searching for.

From your breasts and thighs,
your lover gets up calmed and
enlightened by love.
A thought of you can revive
a room, in which nobody has been
for long, just like fire flaring
in the evening.

You smile, and do not know
that, at the same time,
a flower blooms somewhere...

Poetry by Dejan
Read 821 times
Written on 2006-12-18 at 11:57

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A poem full of praise for woman the way she was meant to be! Being one, I feel I can tell you that i was honoured!


Yes the right woman or man can work wonders in a life that seems dark and empty, or even half full. A beautiful poem, thanks for reminding us of what love and womanhood can do, smiling at you, Tai

beautiful... it's great that there's a man somewhere praising women in such a way... thanks for the read..