this was a piece written to help a friend, to make him feel better.

I'm the light

He is lost,
Somewhere deep in the darkness.
He keeps trying to find his way out,
Seeking for true happiness.
Goes around in circles,
In his life.
He doesn't seem to believe in himself,
Or in much.
He feels small,
So he hides.
Hides from himself,
And hides himself from others.
He feels he is not good enough,
And puts himself down.
Finding it hard to focus on good,
When he sees so much bad.
I have to remind him,
There is good in small quantities.
Goodness in life is so precious,
Very easy to lose.
But I will say,
What he knows.
I can be the light in his life,
Something to hold on to.
Someone who keeps him standing,
And will help him if he falls.
I will help him in everyway I can.
I am his truth,
His equal.
I am his friend who will always respect him,
And believe in him when he doesn't.
I have to remind him,
I know how the badness feels.
So when you're feeling down,
Think of the light,

Poetry by Hazel
Read 842 times
Written on 2006-12-18 at 17:53

Tags Friendship 

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some parts of it remind me of me..and some parts of a friend for whom I am trying to be the light..i know it's not easy to shine..when he's down he brings me down..but I try..
The best part is as u said I'm his equal his friend and it works both ways..he's my light when i'm dark...
By the way, thank you for your comments on Beauty, you definately have IT