© Erik Brickman 2005

The Fly

I am just a little fly

and you will understand why

when you start thinking of the days

that has flown hastily by.

It has been billions of years

and but the span of my own tears

is as a single, salty raindrop

in a storm-surge of ancient fears.

We keep on living when all is futile

with our hearts, broken in a pile

our souls keeps on striving

when all we taste is our own bile.

But I do not care - I do NOT cry

for what is this, and what am I

if not a trick, done by a fly!

Poetry by Erik Brickman
Read 895 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 22:15

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Zoya Zaidi
"it's been billions of years
and but the span of my tears
Is a single, salty rain drop,
In a storm-surge of ancient fears"
Gives the poem a very vast perspective.
The allusion to the fly is great!
Thought provoking piece!

yeah, this makes one think!

John Ashleigh
It can be thought of as funny, and a very dramatical cold poem. Using metaphorical language for a fly was brilliant. Good poetry.