I can make it,
No matter what
you said i wouldn't amit to anything,
but do you wanna know something, I will.
I will be more then you ever thought.
And it will be all thanks to you.
You may not know it but it will be
of you
that i make it so far.
you are my inspiration, my motivation,
now you may be happy,
but its not a good thing.
I don't want to turn out like you, i don't want to be a pesamistic person
I'm gonna be an optimistic person with big dreams and a big future,
you see im now 16 and since you left,
i've been fine, i don't need you, i don't need your put downs.
I'm about to graduate high school and move onto college,
I will be playin baseball.
I will be living my dream,
and its all thanks to you. YOU.
you have pushed me to my edge.
i may not be the brights light burning, but i can put it together with out you
all i need is my friends and my god.
When you read this you will be sad.
You left me, you turned your back,
you said you can't make it you can go.
well so far i am and its better now that your gone.
remember this so..
when you see me hitting the home run or pitching the perfect game.
that you could've been there with me but you said no...
I don't need you and i want you to know...

look at me now, im there i told you not to go
but what u didn't know, im better now.
thank you for helping me have a better life
because i didn't want to turn out as pathetic as yours

Poetry by chris helus
Read 559 times
Written on 2006-12-31 at 10:20

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betsy Firefly
It's good to admit that someone was your inspiration to improve who you feel you are and can be, but isb't it 'love gone' sour' when you tell the same person that they are going nowhere?

Brooke Michelle
Hey Chris i relle like how you used the feelings. u should make some poems that make us the people on Poetbay think this one made me think just alittle to much. but i relle like it. and thank you for putting your poems up here on Poetbay i would love to read more of your poems. and i think i will...