thank you so much Tai Chi Italy:)

The Broken drunk man.

He is too thin. He drinks himself of sin.
He is broken and sore,
He feels nothing, I'm sure.

He is always in a bar.
After one drink, he is a loser.
After seven, he is a star!

He likes girls that dance,
When the people he calls friends
Say that he will never have a second chance.

Poor, poor man. He is too drunk to stand.

He takes a cigarette and the fire.
he thinks back about all the lies.
About his two wives that have left him.

You don't know what he has done
When he takes up a gun
He screams 'Run Run'.

He dies. He was tired of all the lies.
I feel bad for him, I really do
Because he had no one to say

I love you too.

Poetry by Dirty-pretty-things
Read 784 times
Written on 2007-01-01 at 12:52

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Your write is great and real and moving this one too so simple hard life and this what we all wish to have inside, wonderful work

Brilliant work young lady, it made me cry for his poor soul, but in death he has release from the horrors of such a life and hopefully in his next life, he won't have to fight this demon. I am hung over today due to over indulgence myself and New Year, and it reminds me of what people like your broken drunk man have to face each and every day of their lives. This is a fine poem and a tribute to your kindness and insight. It was my pleasure to assist in the grammer, but you wrote it and it is a fine poem to start your year with.

Happy New Year to you,

Smiling again