"I'm back Now"

"It's nice here... The sky's all clear, can you see the Plough?" She looks at the sky. "Yeah. It's beautiful" Hi's voice is so sweet and kind of hoarse. He's probably getting a cold, it's that time a year now. "God! I'm freezing my ass of!" She says and laughs. "yeah, it's real cold" He talks so calm it freakes her out a bit. "The christmas sure came late this year, but it came alright. Big time" He laughes for the first time that night. The first time for a long while. A sore, hoarse and quiet one. "It's been a while hasn't it?" He askes. She thanks God for that he finally says something. "Yeah... I guess..." She says. "It's too bad tho. I really enjoyed haning out with you" she continues, hoping he'll say something. "Then why did you leave?" He stares at the sky while she's trying to look him in the eyes. "What are you talking about? I never left anywhere" She says. "Yes you did. With him. And you never came back" She hears the hurt in his voice. The way he said "him" with such disdain. "Oh... I see... But still... I never did. Not for real. Anyhow. I'm back now" For the first time he takes his eyes away from the sky and looks at her. "You're different" He says quietly. "I know," She says calm "I'm happy".

Short story by Cola666
Read 702 times
Written on 2007-01-01 at 20:42

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