Anyone who have a better title?

The love

Every night when i lay awake in the dark, I think of you
I turn and twist in my sleep, and the taught of you fills me to the very top.
What is this feelings that you wake in me, the feeling of longing, emptiness and my heart beats..

...Faster than the speed of light.

Is it love?
What is true love?

The possibility of finding The love of my life, a realistic taught?
I have no idea if this is real.

You tear me into peaces but the weird thing is that
I don't care, and when this happens its not a bad thing.
I loved you, I still think I do and no one or nothing can ever change that.

This is the one fact of my life, the truth and I hope that you love me too.
Nothing hurts me more than the taught of not being loved.

Always and for ever in my heart Can you feel it?

Poetry by Jeanette
Read 589 times
Written on 2007-01-05 at 22:06

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