Home Thoughts from Home

(for Sumon Sajjad)

"...when everything says you are rooted."
from his cellphone message

Sometimes I hear people laugh at my back:
I'm weird to think simplicity's still a craze;
and that explains the way I look around.

I confess I have a wish to put on display for all
some of my home thoughts not from abroad
but from home where they say the heart is.

Yes, these days simplicity is not so simple;
yet I feel I have somewhat been triggered
by my simple love for this land of rivers,

not because my countrymen disparately claim
this is my homeland my place of belonging
where everything says I am not an uprooted tree,

not because every visiting foreigner confirms
my country calls me everytime it's shaken
by any disaster like flood or cyclone

or by any turmoil in the politics of distribution
of people's money and all in politicians' pockets
(I can't differentiate politics from polytricks) ,

but because I, too, an attracted to its charm
into whose flames all of my friends and family
can't ever resist flying like maddened moths.

I belong where I think in a place or nowhere.

Poetry by Sofiul Azam
Read 1196 times
Written on 2007-01-10 at 07:11

Tags Anxiety 

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