Inspired by Nepenthes poems: Visual eyes and A Minstrel Lies Dying 

Ahem!To the harbour!



Ahem!To the harbour!

Time for emotional labour

before the Ship sails!


Ahem!Fellow human!

Or did I meant Ahemait?

 the personification of divine retribution

for all the wrongs one had committed

in life dwelling in the Hall of Ma'at-

the hall of two truths


Truth and justices sometimes are

like a disambiguation or a silver lining

ahem... Ahemait. . .

Aha!Déjà vu!


The hearts of those who failed

to do the emotional labour

are dying a second death


Those who tried to swim in the ocean of emotions

instead of geting in to the ship

are eaten by a crocodile

 and those who run away to the desert

run away from their feelings

 are eaten by a lioness

Or those who runed through the desert

and jumped in to the ocean

are eaten by a hippopotamus!


And their unworthy hearts are cast in the lake of fire


Ahem to the harbour!

Time for emotional labour

before the ship sails

Said the lady of flame

and embrassed the Master of Time

dressed in red

as her body took on

the bright glare of the midday sun.


- Sometimes a mother has to observe

her children like a vulture, she sighed. . .

When will they learn that a harbour

is not only a place to find refuge at

but a shelter to hold and turn over in their mind?




Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-02 at 17:24

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OH, I do love this poem so much! I see that the fine poet, Individuality, has been to visit your poem. I like him SO much! He is my poetry teacher and I owe him more than I can tell. My little poems here do not show my bigger poems. (blushing) But never mind all that, I am so glad you find you because your poetry is so smart and elegant and has a special sound to it that is so YOU!

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Or did I meant Ahemait? - mean would flow better here rather than meant. perhaps a capital letter too after the questionmark which is used.
instead of geting in to the ship - getting
and embrassed the Master of Time - embraced?

a good piece, i have not read the work referenced at the beginning so can not connect there :)

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Overall: 4

Amanda K
brillianlty put 2gather. loved ure poem , it's interesting.

keep it up,

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Overall: 4

Honesty starts with you as well as the lie, a masterpiece Carmen, it truly is!!!

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Overall: 5

Kathy Lockhart
I would love to see this illustrated. I had fantastic images playing through my mind's eye. I love the lilt, the "voice" of this poem. Well done Carmen!