dedicated to youl like every other word I ever wrote.

Some Advices Before I Die

The bright sun is set.
The heart beats of my life
Is at its ends.
It is time to die,
Leaving the love, the family,
And the friends.

The time you will hear,
That I am dead,
don't shed a drop of tear.
thinking it was my destiny,
Accept it as it is all fair.
The time you will hear,
That I am no more.
don't cry, so I could leave happily.
You can do that much for me,
I am sure.

Don't feel bad for my death,
As I don't wish to live anymore.
Let me die, as
There is no hope left to live for.
And comfort everyone.
Join my family,
Be around them.
Be there,
For the final goodbye,
As for me,
You are one of them.

Don't feel guilty,
For the times
You hurt me,
I have already forgave you.
Please do the same for me,
For the times I bothered you.

Whenever you remember me,
Take out my poems,
As they are all written for you.
Read them,
Yet don't shed tears,
Knowing how much I loved you.

Don't let anyone rip them,
Or publish them anywhere.
Because they belong to you,
With no one else,
I would share.

After me,
Be happy all your life,
Never shed a drop of tear.
Remember for your smile,
Someone above really care.
Be a mature girl,
Know who really care about you.
Don't get lost in the world of cheats,
Don't let someone deceive you.

I know I would not be around,
To cry for your each sorrow.
Yet you have to be strong,
Fighting this world,
For a better tomorrow.

Whenever you feel down,
Thinking the life is so tough.
Just don't forget,
Someone still loves you,
A dead heart, but for you,
Still full of love.

I am leaving you here,
in this painful world.
But your love will remain the same.
Please remember
My advices.
Please remember
My name.

Poetry by goran
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Written on 2007-02-08 at 05:40

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Karen Canning
This is full of raw emotions, death isn't always an easy subject to broach, this took my mind and soul on a journey and held tears in my eyes, superb writing indeed

Amanda K
that's a great piece. i felt like crying and smiling. crying because the lover is leaving the world and smiling on the other hand for he feels such a love for her.

bookmarked because it's remarkable