inpired by KJC's poem: forgotten body, thank you Kaye for the inspiration and once again welcome back to the bay

Matrix of loneliness



Matrix of Loneliness, are you a friend or an enemy?




on the blueprints of her body


Dusty fingreprints

Dusty footprints


Memories. . . 

A body that yearns

a hand to touch it


 a foot to step over it


No matter what

Something to verify her existence


Matrix of Loneliness

are you a friend or an enemy?


Dusty fingreprints

Dusty footprints

on the blueprints of her body


Dreams, illusions

of a reality

thats has become only memories


and she longs for a touch

something to leave a trail

on the blueprints of her body


to wake her up

to make her feel alive again


outside the window

two birds kiss


and she. . .

longs for someone. . .

anyone. . .

Something, to leave nothing to be desired


Something, to leave a bad taste in her mouth

Anything. . .


Matrix of Loneliness, are you a friend or an enemy?

- Leave the gate as you found it. . .


Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-17 at 19:47

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Callisto Jean
I appreciate this poem a lot. It conveys something a lot of people I know, including me, have gone through.

I find your poem very concise about the emotions. Even though you don't state them directly, the way you've put the poem together expresses the emotions very clearly.

To me, your poem's flow is slow and almost lethargic because of the length of how you broke it down. It may sound bad or you might not have meant it in that way, but I feel that it's very effective considering the topic. It comes across as someone who's really tired and lonely.

I really, really, beyond words enjoyed this.