About True Freind..

A True Friend...

A True Friend is a friend
Who will always stand by you
And ready to help you at any movement..
And even ready to give his or sacrifice his life if needed...

Making million friends is not a great thing
But making a friend who will stand by you in million ways is a great thing....
Atrue frind is always a true friend forever....

Poetry by V.V.Ramesh
Read 760 times
Written on 2007-02-19 at 07:42

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Sanaz Danaipoor
Really well done, you unveiled the great essence of a true friend here, a joy to read, thanks!

Oh yes it is better to not have million not trues friends but just one or few you can count of in a whiles of weakness of you, nice write though sometimes we love to have friends around just to share smiles and it's not impostant if they came through our life for a while or forever, sometimes the time change everything even this need to have some friend but yes some special once sometimes saty forever with us or we with them :) Thanks for these thoughts that let me remember what is important in life