2007 and a gift

A Faith For 2006

Now you have left me,
Going far away.
Now I do believe,
What they say
This world is not forever.
I remember,
The first night of 2006,
How many hopes I had.
Count down,
To welcome you 2006.

You were just another one,
Left me without brightening any of my wishes.
Now your memories are still alive.
Those nights,
Those days,
Those rains,
That summer,
All the 365 days with you.
But you never betrayed me,
When I saw you I knew
We will be together just for 365 days,
couldn't hope for more.
But that same night,
When I was welcoming you,
I saw a person.
But never knew,
She will destroy my feelings.

Dear 2006,
As soon as you left us,
Now, me and 2007 know
That she has no feelings.

Dear 2006,
I am sorry for once I lied,
Saying she may have some hidden feelings.
I was wrong.
2007 already told me that.
But you
I respect you
For not hurting me,
I respect you,
For not letting me know
She has no feelings for me.
That message was
The first gift of 2007.

Poetry by goran
Read 634 times
Written on 2007-02-20 at 06:11

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